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Join Cub and his friends for a big African adventure

A little lion with a big problem

Join Cub and his friends for a big African adventure.


How do you get the next generation of children to love lions?

You introduce them to a special little lion they’ll want as friend - Cub!

Cub’s worried because he doesn’t yet have his mane - the very thing that will make him king. So, with some help from his friends, Cub takes matters into his own paws.

By and by, Cub and his friends have an awesome adventure and learn one or two lessons along the way - like finding out that nature tends to do things best.

Cub raises awareness about the beauty and importance of African wildlife. We think you’ll agree, Cub is cute and cuddly, brave and a bit naughty, and nearly ready to be king.

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60% towards helping animals

When you buy a copy of this gorgeous book, the lion’s share of profits will go directly to helping lions in Africa and other animals in need around the world. Now that’s something worth roaring about.

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FOUR PAWS is an international animal welfare charity that works tirelessly to rescue and rehome wild animals and companion animals around the world.

The charity runs numerous sanctuaries where animals can recover in a natural environment and they campaign for changes to the way animals are treated through public awareness and education programmes.

FOUR PAWS works extensively with big cats. Its sanctuary in South Africa – LIONSROCK - offers a safe home across the vast African countryside, providing life-long care to over 100 big cats.

The charity receives no government funding. It’s only with the support of kind donors that they can continue to help animals in need.

To find out more about this pawsome charity, click here


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A roaring, good read

Get your paws on a copy of our gorgeous, new children’s book for just £9.99 and protect little cubs, big cubs, and other vulnerable animals around the world.

Created by writer and illustrator team, Victoria Sacks and Suz Hughes, in partnership with FOUR PAWS UK, Cub has a delightful rhyming story and vibrant artwork to help learning come alive. Even better - 60% of profits goes towards protecting animals. Cub is special because it teaches children about the beauty of nature and wildlife, whilst actually taking care of it. Now that’s something to roar about!

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Wear Cub

You can wear Cub, as well as read Cub! Just take look at our ethical, organic t-shirts featuring adorable characters from the Cub story book, such as Frog, Penguin … and Cub! Go on, wear your Cub with pride and support animals in need around the world.

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We’re Suz and Victoria. We’re a designer and writer team. We love animals and we love the world.

On July 1st 2015, we were working together on something when news broke out about the death of Cecil the Lion.

Cecil was a Southern African lion that lived primarily in the Hwange National Park in Matalbeleland, North Zimbabwe. This beautiful animal suffered a terrible death at the hands of trophy Hunter, Walter Palmer, which caused a global outcry. Like so many other people, we were shocked into an awareness of the cruel act of canned lion hunting and we decided to do something to help protect lions. That something became Cub.

Cub is also dedicated to Cecil’s son, Xanda. Sadly, while we were still working on Cub, Xanda met the same fate as his father. He was shot on July 7th 2016 outside Hwange National Park, close to where his father had died.

By buying a copy of Cub, you really will be doing good. 60% of all proceeds on all books sold will be donated to FOUR PAWS to help big cats and other mistreated animals. We hope that you and your children will treasure Cub for years to come.


Suz and Victoria

Do good. Buy Cub